What you don't know about FiOS...

One misunderstanding concerning the support of FIOS for the video support of IPTV is to suppose that it is the same as the support for video of Internet. Another common misunderstanding concerning the television of FIOS really, as soon as there to be the view and video claim, concerning service when being conveyed only the payment by IP it means that that is IPTV everything. Other video everything occurs from headend of the former cable which connects the analog channel with the digital QAM channel. The RF signal occupies 870MHZ, is adjusted the wave length of nm 1550. As for this optical signal two other wave lengths which transfer the data between OLT and ONT then it can be connected. The video of RF the coaxial relationship to the box on the position of the mixed breed of FIOS which handles the both video of RF and IPTV in excess is normally sent with ONT which is the house of the contractor. ONT offers the connection characteristic of Internet with the RJ45 connector, but in order to be appointed in addition by the standard of MoCA, using 1.1 gigahertz channel in order to offer 100 Mbit/s of bandwidth, it moves the video of IPTV and the package of IP of Internet in the same axis. Alternately, as for video of analog it is done by the device which can do all cable preparations and, perhaps former digital video whether the television which is proven by Cablecard like Tivo series 3 it is accessed by the digital video recorder. However, as for the service like VOD and PPV it is conveyed by IPTV, similar to the video of IPTV, use of the direct communication which the box with respect to uniformity of the mixed breed of FIOS which Motorola produces in order to support rf 1 box is easy to procure simply it is. Only the play IPTV of FIOS STBs from video source of Internet which is not with FIOS which is transferred by MoCa. The execution of IPTV of FIOS does not follow to the format and the conference the cable television for two methodological televisions and, in substituting DVB standard [ not following to 4, ]. In addition as for MoCA role it is used because of video of outflow from "of the hub of the medium" of FIOS because of the house which presently is full with the digital video recorder (DVR) of the mixed breed QAM/IPTV of Motorola's QIP6416 by FiOS. There is plural limitations to video connection characteristic of the house due to FIOS. Outflow of video of the standard definition (SD) decision to STBs it is permitted simply. The show which is recorded to high definition (HDTV) first after the causing れ which is accessed at last is changed into the video of low decision SD. Movement of show between DVRs is not permitted again. As for movement to the flattery device of DTCP with firewire ABC, CBS and the orphan, NBC and locals "the copy" and therefore as large number, with CGMS-D, other than acquiring one time sign because it does not move possibility, digital contents almost it is everything, but.

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