Fiber-optic TV is better than Comcast Cable Television

If you have both Comcast Cable TV and Comcast High-Speed Internet, your monthly Comcast bill is certainly north of $ 100/month. If you have digital cable or a new plasma TV with HD, Comcast is probably your bill something like $ 180 per month.

They recognize that the $ 2160 / year!! Get your money worth? If some of Guy shows up to the door and asked for $ 2160 for everything, I bet you are sophisticated enough to ensure that you really everything you deserve.

You may have noticed Verizon trucks blocked traffic in different parts of the city in recent months. You are not the repair of damaged pipes or the like. They are billions of dollars rewiring the entire city with fiber optic cable so that they can be fiber-optic TV services to every house that wants it - even for you.

Basically, you can * Super High-speed Internet services * - about 5 times faster than Comcast, but with the cheapest Verizon FiOS Fiber Optic Internet Service. That means you can really be the internet connection with everyone in the house and an Internet-phone lines (the so-called VoIP) * and * have them all at the same time - but nobody will ever notice the difference. It's so fast.

Well, Verizon has announced that it has begun to sell TV service, called Verizon FiOS TV - yes, your phone company wants to sell television services - the competition head to head with the cable provider. What do you get? Super cool features that are now available, just because fiber optic cable can be more data than conventional cable-TV cable. There is a lot of techno-super-Babble involved, but basically, you get more than Comcast - they have a DVR service, so you do not need a Tivo more, they have more HD channels on the plasma you just bought, and they basically bundle their super high-speed Internet service with the FiOS TV service, if you want.

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